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We love pictures of aliens, so we collected a bunch of them in galleries below. We looked around the internet and gathered a bunch of the best alien pictures we could find. We focused our search on three different alien species – the Grey, Reptilians and Nordics.

We believe these to be the three most popular alien species in UFO literature and popular culture – but there are many, many more alien races. If you’re looking or more information on aliens and extraterrestrial races, we recommend this link at Watcher Files – it’s a GREAT list of different types of alien species.

These are the groups that are abducting you. Look close, you might be seeing them again some time soon!

Pictures of Alien Greys

Greys are the most popular aliens, thanks to the book Communion by Whitley Streiber, who plastered the image into the minds of everyone in the 1980s. We’ve also included a great picture of Aleister Crowley who summoned a Grey named Lam in the King’s Chamber of the great pyramid.

Enjoy these great pictures of Grey Aliens.

Pictures of Reptilian Aliens

Reptilians are probably the second most popular aliens thanks to the V mini-series in the 1980s and it’s remake in the 2000s. You can also find reptiles and reptilian symbolism laced throughout popular culture and almost all the mythic and religious traditions of earth.

Finally, if you’re interested in reptilian aliens, we would also point you to the many book and article of David Icke, a popular conspiracy researcher who focused on reptilians for many years.

Pictures of Nordic Aliens

Nordic aliens looks like tall Nordic / European humans. They were talked about in the works of George Adamski, Howard Menger, and Billy Meier – who called the Nordic Aliens Pleiadians. They gained popularity in Europe through the 60s and 70s.

Eventually however, they were replaced by the Greys in popular culture.

Best Books About Alien Species

Books about Aliens - with pictures of aliensBooks about Aliens - with pictures of aliensBooks about Aliens - with pictures of aliens

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