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Welcome to Conspiracy Grimoire

We love all things conspiracy and paranormal and developed this online magazine to celebrate our passion. Conspiracy Grimoire is a mash-up of synchromysticism, occult symbolism, good old fashioned political conspiracy, a healthy dose of ‘outrageous’ speculation, all smeared with rich velvety truth sauce.

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Top FIVE UFO Books of All Time!
In continuing with our tradition of top lists – we present – The Top Five UFO Books of All Time. We’ve read a lot of UFO books in our day. Some have been good. Some have been not so good. While no list of only five books can […]
Five Top Ghost Story Podcast and Audio Websites on the Internet
| News
We love spooky and scary ghost stories. Luckily, the internet is chock full of them. You can find a bunch of different websites that have all forms of ghost stories – we like video tellings, podcasts and written ghost stories. We’ve collected our favorite links below. Enjoy this […]
Alien Pictures - Photos of Greys, Reptilians, Nordics
| News
We love pictures of aliens, so we collected a bunch of them in galleries below. We looked around the internet and gathered a bunch of the best alien pictures we could find. We focused our search on three different alien species – the Grey, Reptilians and Nordics. […]
NSA Busted Spying with BIG Internet Companies - The Prism Program Conspiracy
| Feature, News
The conspiracy is real and it’s as big as well all thought. The NSA was recently busted spying on all of us with DIRECT LINKS INTO THE SERVERS of major internet companies including (but CERTAINLY not limited to): Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. . . Here the information […]
The Intricate Magick of Tom Beddard's 3D Sculptures
| News
We have discovered an amazing sculptor – Tom Beddard – and wanted to share some of his stunning fractal sculptures. He’s a British sculptor with a PhD in laser physics from the University of St. Andrews and makes amazing work. We’ve copied some of his images below. […]
Trifield Natural EMF Meter Review - Best EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting
You could always just go for the most expensive, but a high price doesn't guarantee quality, and when you're doing paranormal research knowing you have solid equipment is a must.
Cool Saturn Moloch Symbolism Video
| Feature, News
If you're new to the world of the occult, don't know why the idea of Saturn plays an important role in contemporary institutions, or what Moloch is, then this video is for you.
Colin Ross Books on Mind Control
With all the public shootings going on, it’s natural for the conspiracy minded to at least entertain the idea of mind control for little bit. While we don’t purport to know why people have gone crazy and started shooting up public places – we don’t know whether it is […]
More Sandy Hook Synchronicities from Strange Eye
We’ve been cruising around the synchromystic blogs lately to see what the mystics have to say about the coming apocalypse, when we came across a great little article on the Strange Eye blog. File this under, “We live in a matrix.” He pulls out some GREAT numerological synchronicities around the […]
The Christmas Conspiracy: The Pagan Origins Of Christmas
We found three videos on Youtube that delve deeply into the history of pagan Christmas traditions and mythology and come up with a beautiful narrative that mirrors the evolution of civilization.
William Shatner Witnessed Apollo Moon Hoax Conspiracy
In a bizarre admission star trek actor William Shatner admits that he witnessed a projection screen and models used on the Apollo moon mission just prior to the supposed moon landing in full view of over 5000 engineers and scientists in a gigantic room.
2012 Olympics : Rik Clay London Zion Free e-Book
Rik Clay’s amazing research into the Illuminati symbolism at the London 2012 Olympics has been compiled into a free e-book that you can download at Scribd. If you’re at all interested in the 2012 Olympics, and what it might represent, this is a great start.  […]
Timothy Beckley's New Book: Evil Empire Of The ETs And The Ultra-Terrestrials
UFO uber-researcher and legend in the field,Timothy Beckley has new book available, and we are excited. It's called, Evil Empire Of The ETs And The Ultra-Terrestrials and it promises to be a doozy.
Is This What's Up with the Sun? : SOHO Telescope Captures Massive UFO Hovering Near the Sun
Here’s a recent article from Fox News about UFOs near the sun, observed by the SOHO satellite (which has always delivered images that UFO fans LOVE). I remember when this sort of stuff could only be found on But here it is in mainstream media. This kind of […]
What's up With the Sun?  Massive Solar Activity This Weekend
| News, Past Stories
SOLAR ACTIVITY INTENSIFIES THIS WEEKEND: Huge sunspot AR1476 is crackling with M-class solar flares and appears to be on the verge of producing something even stronger. The sunspot's 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field harbors energy for X-class flares, the most powerful kind. Earth is entering the line of fire as the sunspot rotates across the face of the sun.
Stargate London : Adidas is Latest Company to Jump on Illuminati Symbolism Trend for 2012 Olympics
By now, the 2012 Olympics being some kind of Illuminati ritual to transform London into the premier Stargate City is old news. Chad Stuemke has done great work unveiling Stargate Detroit, Stargate Chicago and Stargate St. Louis and with his recent interview on William Henry’s Revelations podcast, he finalized […]
Hakim Bey - Autnomous Zone : Free Classic Occult, Magick Book
Hakim Bey – Autnomous Zone Here’s a free online books of Hakin Bey’s classic gnostic, hermetic Autonomous Zone. We recommend it as a great primer for anyone that likes the content on the Grimoire.  […]
Peter Levenda on Bill Birne's Future Theatre Podcast - Free Audio
Bill Birnes of UFO Hunters and UFO Magazine has a podcast and his March, 2012 interview with wonderfully dark researcher Peter Levenda is GREAT.
Normally I don't post conspiracy videos that are simply collections of clips but this one gets our nomination for best of genre.
Michio Kaku Speaks on UFOs - Video, 2011
Global Competitiveness Forum's 5th anniversary and Michio Kaku lays out how it is. GOOD stuff here for anyone interested in UFOs.
Free Video: Discussion Between Graham Hancock and Daniel Pinchbeck
Wow!  Here’s an amazing discussion.  A FREE almost two-hour long video of a discussion between Graham Hancock and Daniel Pinchbeck.   I just ordered Graham Hancock’s book "Supernatural" from Amazon with a gift card I got from my Grandmother.  Thanks Grandma!   So I’ve been listening to his work recently.  I read Daniel Pinchbeck’s […]
Cattle Mutilations are a Dark Necromantic Spell
I don't think cattle are being mutilated for genetic material. Why wouldn't you just grab some saliva from the cow and then grow the cells in a laboratory? How much DNA do you need?
Adam Gorightly - Ritual Magic, Mind Control and the UFO Phenomenon
Last night, while researching Ritual Magick, Mind Control, UFOs and other fun subjects. I stumbled across this wonderful article by conspiracy guru, and one of our favorite conspiracy writers, Adam Gorightly. You can find his website here – Adam Gorightly. Adam is also the keeper of all the […]

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